Test corrections– in person this time!

So I posted here about the test correction format that I have been using for the last several years.  Overall, I’m happy with it (over and over again, students have told me how helpful it has been to go over their tests, and having to look at why they missed something).  I’ve been meaning to tweak it some, because it’s definitely not perfect, but it is useful.

For our third exam, I required students to meet with me in my office to go over their corrections. This was quite possibly the best thing that I have ever done.  It let me actually talk to them one-on-one– ever since class sizes have ballooned, the actual interaction with each student has naturally declined.  I could ask them to elaborate on their explanations, and in person I could much better tell who had the right idea, and was having trouble communicating it, and who was writing random BS in an attempt for extra points.  I could also give a student a similar problem for them to work for me right then.  I’ve always been dubious of the students that wrap up explanations with “I am confident that I can now work this kind of problem correctly.”  It turns out most of them can!

This is definitely something that I’m keeping.

My only real problem with the system I used was that I forgot to black out the times that I taught on Monday, and I had to email eight or nine students and reschedule those appointments.  Whoops!  Bret Benesh posted awhile back about Google Calendar’s appointment feature.  I might try that.  It also solves the problem of having fewer time slots available for the classes that don’t get the sign-up sheet until later.


2 thoughts on “Test corrections– in person this time!

  1. bretbenesh says:


    Thanks for the link to my blog. I don’t care so much about the traffic, but I didn’t know that you even had a blog until wordpress.com told me you linked to me! So thanks for that—I am looking forward to reading this (it is already in my RSS feed).

    Good day!

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