No more syllabus!

Well, not really.  I’m required to have a syllabus of course.  Many of my colleagues don’t print out the syllabus anymore– they just post it on TRACS (our implementation of the Sakai CMS).  I’ve always thought that was strange– I liked the framework that a document can give to the “what should you expect from this class” discussion.  But last semester I realized that my six-page syllabus is mostly stuff that I’m required to put there by other people (namely, the math department, the university, and — maddeningly — the state legislature).

So this semester, the syllabus will be that document that everyone else gets to contribute to.  I’m going to write a separate (shorter) document to frame that conversation.  It will probably be pretty close to what I would write as a syllabus if no one else could force their words on there.  There will be a little overlap with the actual syllabus, but that’s okay.  I’ll include a line on the syllabus saying that all policies on the other document will be enforced, and I’ll put them both on TRACS, but only the syllabus needs to go on the HB 2504 site.

Now, what to call it?  “Course Expectations”?


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