Back into Action (Actually, Back into Reflection)

Our fall semester starts on Monday.

I haven’t posted since January, for a couple of reasons. One (very minor one) was that since I had my students working on a blog project, they became aware of my blog and some of them chose to follow it. Which is a good thing! (Hi guys!) But also, it made me want to be very cautious as to what I posted on my blog. Not that I think I would ever say anything inappropriate, but still, I would have wanted to spend more time and energy reflecting before I published anything. And that energy just didn’t exist.

Which brings me to the main reason– I’m currently making a tiny person inside my body. (Hooray!) And wow, but does that take a lot of energy! I really had no idea. So last Spring, I had to prioritize, and of course I put trying to teach my classes well above writing about them.

So I’m picking up the blogging again now. There’s a lot I want to write about, both about last Spring, and what I’ve been working on since then.

There’s quite a lot to share about the blogging project. I will be doing that again, but with some fairly substantial changes. Life is a great big series of experiments, after all. But I’ll save that for it’s own post.

I also have quite a bit I want to write about the Precalculus class I taught in the Spring.

And I spent this summer designing an online College Algebra course. It’s not quite done, and if I have time there are several learning modules that I intend to improve on. I’ll be actually teaching two sections online in the Spring. I will also be creating an online version of our Business Algebra course, which conveniently overlaps material with college algebra by about 30%. I’ll be doing the work for that course mostly in the Spring semester– I want to see how the

I will admit to feeling a bit ambivalent about online courses. I’ve taken several (master’s-level education courses); some that were not at all helpful, and some that were downright painful. This is something else I plan to write about here.

I will be disappearing in October, what with the baby and all, but I’m hoping to hash out some of the ideas that have been floating around in my head first.


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