Maybe I shouldn’t, but here goes…

So, in spite of everything else I’m doing (you know, like teaching Business Calculus, finishing up the online College Algebra, taking on the Math Alumni Connections project, and — oh yeah — having a baby in about three weeks, give or take) I’ve decided to sign up as a (free) MOOC participant in Athabasca University’s course Openness in Education.

I actually signed up towards the end of the first week, so I’ve got some catching up to do.  Fortunately, I’ve read two of week 1’s readings before (although I really should re-read one of them) and so there’s just a chapter in an OECD report (which so far seems eerily familiar) and a video that I still need to watch.

The fact that I’m not being faced with a ton of new information (at least in the first week) makes me feel better about joining this party a little late.  And even if none of the information in this course is exactly new to me, I think it’s a good opportunity to process what I know/feel about OER as part of the course conversation.  And hopefully I’ll be able to be a valuable part of that conversation, in spite of the fact that my attention will obviously be shifting after the baby comes.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve meant to make a lot of my course materials public for a long time, but figuring out the best way to do that is time-consuming.  So it may not be the best way, but right now I’m sharing several things with ShareLaTeX.  It’s not perfect (if I wait for perfect, nothing will ever get done) but it’s got potential.  I’m planning on making some feature requests, but I am aware that using ShareLaTeX to share OER is not the intended use-case.

I may make a page on the blog here linking to my projects over there (which are mostly class handouts), but in the meantime you can find them in the Public Projects list.  Mine are all read-only, and are named according to the course I designed them for.  So far, I’ve got about ten documents up, and they’re all Pre-Cal or Applied Calculus.


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