On making changes…

I’ve decided that I just need to start using this blog to get thoughts down quickly, and expand on them as I have time.  For some reason, it’s nerve-wracking to hit publish on a rough idea, but with the crazy state that my life has entered, I’m never going to write anything if I wait till I have time to polish it.

So… I will definitely be doing the blog project again.  I will only be able to do it for one class a semester, because there is no way I can keep up with more than 40 student blogs.  But there are definitely some changes that I will make.  (And, in the spirit of the way I’m changing my blogging style, I’m not going to try to list all the changes I want to make at once!)

First, I will make the blogging project worth 50% of the grade.  It’s a lot of work, and that work should be valued.  And I’ll abandon the weird double-table approach I had last time.  It just confused the students. When I was asking them to do something so far out of their comfort zone as writing about math, I should have recognized that keeping as much as possible familiar would make the students happier.

Stay tuned for other changes!  And here’s a gratuitous picture of my baby:



One thought on “On making changes…

  1. bretbenesh says:

    You have an adorable baby! And I completely understand that EVERYTHING—not just blogging—becomes “let’s just do it as quick as we can and call it good enough” when you have kids.

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