My new favorite latex package

As I was reworking materials for the beginning of the semester (specifically, my Review of Prerequisite Material) and I thought to myself that there had to be a better way to arrange these problems on the page the way I wanted. So I asked on tex.stackexchange (which is full of very pleasant, very helpful people), and got an answer, which I was able to improve on a little to get the new template that I will be using any time I need to create a handout that consists of a bunch of questions/exercises.

\setlength{\spacing}{1in plus 1fil}
counter-format = tsk. ,
item-indent = 2em ,
label-width = 2 em,
resume = true,
after-item-skip = \spacing,
after-skip = \spacing
\setlength{\spacing}{#1 plus 1fil}
\settasks{after-item-skip = \spacing,after-skip=\spacing}

This is going to make it a lot easier for me to get things to look like I wanted them to.  Tables never really lined up right if the cells had text of different heights.  And plus, using tables is just a pain.  If you’re interested, here’s how my Pre-Cal Review of Prerequisite Knowledge looks now.  (ShareLaTeX doesn’t have the exsheets package yet, so if you really want to see it, you’ll have to download it and compile it yourself.  I put in a request, though!)


One thought on “My new favorite latex package

  1. PS– WordPress code tags kinda suck. Why would you call them code tags if they obliterate whitespace?

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