Altering the Mathematical Collaboration Expectations

One thing that needs to be added to my Mathematical Collaboration Expectations is perseverance.

I can’t believe that I didn’t even realize that I didn’t have that on there.  Now, is it its own category, or does it fit under something else?  I’m leaning towards its own category, but then I have to break it down.  What are the qualities of perseverance?


2 thoughts on “Altering the Mathematical Collaboration Expectations

  1. suevanhattum says:

    You might like James Tanton’s new line: In the problem solving process, step one is “Read the question, have an emotional reaction to it, take a deep breath, and then reread the question.”

    I also think perseverance includes something we can’t model easily in the classroom – going away and coming back. I love telling students about the man who discovered the ring structure of benzene, and his dream of snakes eating their own tails. Sleeping is a great way to go away before coming back to a problem.

    It may be important to acknowledge that perseverance is easier once you’ve had some successes. My internal dialogue when faced with a problem that seems impossible “I can’t do this! Yes you can. No. Yes.” The yes comes from prior successes.

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